Fish Transportation

Moving House?

Let Aquamaintenance Limited take (some) of your stress out of moving.

Our fish transportation service will collect the fish from your old property and move them safely to your and their new home.

We use our purpose-built transportation tank to move the fish, the tank has an air pump running permanently into it, providing the fish with a consent supply of oxygen, and this is the most stress-free technique for the fish.

No pond. No problem! We can also store your fish in our purpose-built fish B&B

Occasionally you may need to have your fish looked after away from your home; this can be for several reasons, but most commonly due to a house move or extensive landscaping or building works in the garden. Our ‘Fish B&B’ can be the answer to that problem. We can collect your fish, look after them for as short or as long as you need and return them when you’re ready for them to come home.
Our fish B&B is several 2,000-gallon tanks run on individual filtration systems; all kept in an open-sided barn, each tank has its own pump, pressure filter, UV and battery backed-up air pump, with a netted top and splash guards.

We are sorry we don’t have the facilities to move or store aquariums or aquarium fish.

Please call Nickie to discuss your individual requirements onĀ 0845 056 8717.


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