Wildlife Pond Renovation, Bishop’s Stortford

Category: Pond Reconstruction

This wildlife pond was in a bad state of repair when our clients bought their new house, keen to have somewhere to house their own fish, and bring the wildlife back to the garden the pond had to undergo a transformation.
The existing pond was massively overgrown, and the liner no-longer held water as plant roots had penetrated the old lining.
The pond was re-levelled, and dug out slightly bigger, the island was re-shaped and all the overgrowth removed, the pond then had a layer of heavy-duty geotextile underlay heat seamed together, and we used Firestone 1mm EPDM liner, welded to size and shape. The liner was also welded around the island.
Once installed the edge of the liner was covered with a coco matting, firstly to protect the edge of the liner from duck feet, and any other wildlife using the edge to climb in and out, and secondly to encourage the grass to grow into the pond edge for a more natural finish.
The pond is now a wonderful space for the owners, fish and wildlife to enjoy.