Swimming Pond Lining, Norfolk

Category: Liner Seaming

We were contacted by swimming pond consultants, Rocky & Susy, the owners of PondPools.co.uk, they had a large swimming pond that they wanted help with the lining.

The pool was dug and the main construction was built by PondPools, at this stage Rocky called us in for a meeting to discuss the liner.

We recommended double underlay, so the liner was cushioned by 500gram per square meter geotextile as the ground was quite poor. We were mainly contracted to install the liner, the inner section of the swim pond had to be installed crease free as this part of the swim pond will always been seen, this required quite a lot of detailing work to make the corners perfect.

We also installed a layer of geotextile over the liner so that the liner was protected from the gravel and plants that create the vegetation filter.

We then handed over the lined pond to PondPools to finish, and as you can see from the photos they did a very good job.