Small Pond Reline in Codicote Hertfordshire

Category: Pond Reconstruction

This small pond had a few problems, it had become overgrown, it had a big duck weed problem, and no longer held water.
The pond was completely striped out, it was found that the liner had deteriorated and that was why it was losing water.
The plants were removed and replaced to rid the pond finally of all of the duck weed, duck weed is a prolific weed that can reproduce from the smallest particle that stick to the plants, it is common for the duck weed to return even after the pond has had a full clean. The only way to guarantee that the duck weed is gone for good is to discard the pond plants and start again with new ones.
The pond was releveled and relined with a heavy duty underlay and rubber liner, the waterfall was sealed, the filtration system fully cleaned and the water pump was serviced.
Once all the works were complete the pond was as good as new.