Sleeper Pond Construction in Suffolk

Category: Pond Construction

Our clients where due to move house from Hertfordshire to Suffolk, they had a number of large Koi that they wanted to move with them, but the house in Suffolk did not have a pond in the garden. One call to Aquamaintenance and all the problems were solved, we collected the fish from their old home in Hertfordshire and transported them up to our holding facilities in West Norfolk. The fish stayed with us until their new pond at their new home was ready.
When our clients were settled in their new home, the design and construction work started, a new railway sleeper pond was constructed in the garden, half raised out of the ground, with two independent Nexus 220 filters running separate UV’s and air pumps.
The pond had a box welded liner, and has been capped with decking wood.
Once complete we transported the fish to their new home.