Pond Lining, Bromley

Category: Liner Seaming

This pond is a part of Fair Acres estate, Bromley, Built in the mid 60’s and awarded many accolades on completion for the modernistic design, in its day, of the six blocks which surround communal gardens with an ornamental pond.

The loss of the pond, which sprang a leak after 40 years was an eyesore and a sea of mud for many months, upsetting many residents, and the committee were keen to put it back to its original condition, keeping the original design.

After extensive cleaning we lined the pond with heavy duty underlay and seamed to size and shape a new Firestone EPDM liner, a new vegetation filter and concrete edge with pressed cobbles was created to match the exact original design, with the new addition of two floating fountains.

The pond was formally opened by the Mayor of Bromley, Cllr Reg Adams, during a small party in the gardens for the residents, the management company and of course Aquamaintenance Limited.