Lake Construction in Alton

Category: Liner Seaming

There was originally a small unkept pond, where the lake at this manor house now sits, not at all in keeping with the beautiful 300 acre landscaped grounds. The new owner of the manor house was having the whole house overhauled and was keen to have a large water area to view across the lawn, and to also keep some carp in.
The lake was dug out, and shaped with large machinery, this included the removal of some small trees, the owner was keen that the lake was kept clean and healthy, so we designed a combined under gravel and reed bed filtration system. This was incorporated into the lake by the construction of a railway sleeper wall, that was designed to sit 100mm under the water line, the pipe work was installed and designed so that the pumps pushed the water through the pipe work and up through the gravel. On top of the gravel sits organic aquatic compost and within that reeds and aquatic plants were planted. The planting scheme was designed with filtration in mind, some aquatic plants are naturally better at filtering than others, their root systems naturally grow to form a lattice system that trap fine particles from the water. The plants also draw their nutrients directly from the water, in turn providing cleaner healthier water.
The lake was underlayed with a heavy duty geotextile that was heat seamed into place and lined with Firestone Pond Guard 1mm EPDM liner that was welded to size and shape on site.
Once full the lake was quite at home in its grand surroundings and a wonderful place to spend time.