Epping Waterfall Reconstruction

Category: Pond Reconstruction

We were contacted by our client to add an easy to clean filter, new UV and new pond pump, once installed, our client wanted the waterfall area that was once fed by his old system, reconstructed and replanted. The area had become over grown and the preformed waterfall had moved with all the plant growth and caused the waterfall to leek.
The area at the back of the waterfall was supported by concrete gravel boards that had moved and falling away. The new design was constructed out of new railway sleepers with a Japanese theme, and new planting.
The waterfall was lined with heavy duty underlay, and Firestone liner
The area behind the waterfall and rockery was to hide the new filter and to have an area under the paving for the waste water to drain away.
The design was centred around a beautiful Japanese cloud tree, the water from the filter is split into two so that the water cascades down both sides of the tree. The planting was completed with Japanese acers, and climbing plants up the sides of the pergola.