Cavendish Upholstery Sprinkler Pond Relining

Category: Commercial Projects

Cavendish Upholstery is part of the Airsprung group, who make sofas for Argos and other large retailers, they are based in Chorley near Manchester.
Part of their insurance conditions is that they maintain a large sprinkler pond that is filled by the mains water, and should there ever be a fire in the factory the sprinkler system, feed by the pond, can be a lifesaving system.
Part of the terms and conditions of the insurance policy is that the pond is drained, cleaned and inspected annually, which was duly done by a local Chorley company earlier in the year. Once cleaned and refilled on the Friday the factory was locked up over the weekend, when everyone returned to work on the Monday morning it was found that the sprinkler pond was nearly empty.
The liner that was approximately 20 years old had deteriorated in many places, plants and self-seeded trees had grown large roots through the liner, and the sludge and rotted leaves was what was holding the water in, creating a waterproof barrier. Once the sludge was removed it was similar to unblocking a kitchen plug hole and the pond quickly emptied.
Cavendish Upholstery contacted Gordon Low Products Limited to find a quick solution to the problem as having an empty sprinkler pond was a serious breach of their health and safety policy.
As the pond had two large and very rusty pipes that the liner needed to be welded around Gordon Low recommended Aquamaintenance for the installation, the brief was quite clear, the pond did not have to be pretty, but it did have to be sealed around the pipes, hold water to the correct level and be installed fast. Aquamaintenance was happy to help.