Cambridge Lettuce Farm Lining

Category: Commercial Projects

Due to the detailing nature of this job, Aquamaintenance was the only company put forward by Gordon Low Products Limited to the owners of a lettuce farm as having the right skill set for this complex liner installation, the liner was a complicated install as there were many posts and bottom drains that the liner needed to be seamed around.
Firestone EPDM Pond Guard was recommended for use, because of its high tolerance to the temperature fluctuation inside the green house, and resistance to the chemicals used within the water. Other products such as HDPE, LDPE and PVC would deteriorate within months.
The farm wanted to increase production by upgrading to a hydroponic system. With the traditional method the lettuce was plug to pick in 45 days, which was a highly labour intensive job, with the new hydroponic system the lettuce is now plug to pick in 18 days meaning the new system is less labour intensive and has paid for itself inside 6 months.